Laura Gower
STEM Higher Education, Advance HE STEM Conference 2021
Re-Connecting with Industry & Improving Graduate Prospects in a Socially Distanced World, Stay & Succeed North East

Laura Gower
Energi Coast Innovation Showcase, Durham University
Stay & Succeed North East

Alan Goundry
Energi Coast Innovation Showcase, Durham University
The Energy Academy at Newcastle College

Leo Morantes-Africano
Exploring Expertise in Teaching in Higher Education Symposium
Critical reflection as a tool to explore expertise in teaching in Higher Education

Jane Pollinger
EAUC Sustainability Exchange: Engaging Resistant Shareholders

Staff who presented at the Advance HE Teaching and Learning Conference 2-4 July 2019.

  • Dr Robert Costello & Murray Lambert – Pokemon Go as a Cognitive and Societal Developmental Tool (poster presentation)
  • Leo Africano & Jane Pollinger – Are you ready to teach?

Staff who presented at the Association of Colleges (AoC) College HE Research & Scholarship Conference 10 May 2019:

  • Dr Nicola Watchman – When Pedagogy met Scholarship: The (Inter)Active Space of Learning and Teaching (Keynote Address)
  • Marc Steutel – Degrees for Sports Coaches: An Investigation into the Impact Degree Programmes Have on the Sports Coaching Workforce
  • Mark Clarkson – Developing Audio Feedback: A Collaborative Study between Two North East Colleges
  • Leo Africano – E-learning: Opportunities and Challenges in Initial Teacher Education
  • Laura Gower – Student as Producer: Newcastle College’s Student Fellowship Programme

Staff who presented at the TEAN Conference 10 May 2019:

  • Lisa Fernandes – Could a focus on ethics of caring within teacher education have the potential to reduce the exclusion of autistic learners?
  • Shona Dunn – Lessons from a developmental evaluation: perceptions of teaching practice feedback from further education initial teacher education

Staff who presented at Per/Forming Futures: Investigating Doctorates in Dance and Performance 11 – 13 April 2019:

  • Mandy Rogerson – The Challenges of a Body-Centric Research Project

Staff who presented at the QAA Quality Matters Conference 17 October 2018:

  • Dr Nicola Watchman, Laura Gower and Molly Nesbitt (Student Leader) – More than extra-curricular activities: Showcasing Student Partnership Initiatives, a model for Student Engagement

Staff who presented at the 9th TEAN Conference 10-11 May 2018:

  • Lisa Fernandes- Is Initial Teacher Education (ITE) based on the Capabilities Approach more likely to Foster Inclusion that our Current Curriculum Framework?

Staff who presented at the Derby Student Experience Conference 3 May 2018:

  • Laura Gower, Mark Clarkson & Jake Leighton (Student Fellow)- Student as Producer: A Case Study of Newcastle College’s Student Satisfaction and Feedback Fellowship

Staff who presented at the Association of Colleges (AoC) College HE Research & Scholarship Conference 24 April 2018:

  • Laura Gower- Partnership & Power: A Case Study of Newcastle College’s Student as Producer Initiative
  • Nicola Watchman- Collaborative Communities of Practice: Enhancing Learning and Teaching Within a Multi-College Higher Education Network
  • Mark Clarkson & Marc Steutel– Sports Exercise Higher Education Student Conference: What’s the Point?

Staff who presented at the Student Experience Conference 15 February 2018:

  • Laura Gower & Katherine Francis –Partnership & Power: Developing our future leaders through the Newcastle College’s Student as Producer Initiative

Staff who presented at the HEA STEM Conference 31 January 2018:

  • Dr Robert Costello & Murray Lambert- Gaming Innovations in HE

Staff who have completed, or have been funded, to do the HEA Fellowship Scheme:

Awarded 2019/20 

  • Emily Rowson, AFHEA 
  • Kate Harries, FHEA
  • Dave Harrison, FHEA
  • David Hails, FHEA
  • Catherine McCabe, FHEA
  • Elaine Robertson, FHEA
  • Ashleigh Slavin, FHEA
  • April Kingswood, FHEA
  • Ce HolmesSFHEA
  • Lucy BlakeSFHEA
  • Paul JohnsonSFHEA

Awarded 2017-18

  • Laura Gower, AFHEA
  • Mike Abraham, FHEA
  • Alan Hutchinson, FHEA
  • Tracy Flanagan, FHEA
  • Sally Welsh, FHEA
  • Lisa Fernandes, FHEA
  • Stuart Moor, FHEA
  • Helen Hill, FHEA

Awarded 2016-17 

  • Shona Dunn, FHEA 
  • Leo Morantes-Africano, FHEA 
  • Jane Pollinger, FHEA 
  • Kevin Hillary, FHEA 
  • Amy Brown, FHEA  


Seven Bridges, Vol. 8 (2020)

  • Ronan Paul Smith (2020). Ultraviolet Radiation: The Influence on the Attitudes and Behaviours amongst Men and women. A cross-sectional comparative study. Seven Bridges, 8
  • Yasmina Magdy  (2020) How is the fashion industry adapting to the need and wants of the ethical consumer? Seven Bridges, 8
  • Ian Johnston (2020) Can a coach influence a return to exercise for those with chronic conditions? Seven Bridges, 8
  • Neve Bradley (2020) The relationship between male adolescents and body image, and how their holistic development is affected. Seven Bridges, 8
  • Louise McWilliams (2020) Employee perspectives of domestic abuse advocates in the workplace: Are they effective? A random-quasi study. Seven Bridges, 8
  • Dylan Hill (2020) Efficiency comparison between horizontal and vertical axis wind turbines when used in an urban setting. Seven Bridges, 8
  • Hania Klepacka (2020) Policy and professionalism: British values and its impact on arts education. Seven Bridges, 8.

Vol. 7 (2019)

  • Michael Malone (2019) Dyeing for Textiles: The impact textiles
  • manufacturing has on livelihoods and the environment. Seven Bridges, 7, pp. 5-15.
  • Jennifer Davison and Paul Whitfield (2019) HE Vs. NGB: A Coaches’ Perspective. Seven Bridges, 7, pp. 15-35.
  • Ahmed Bilal (2019) The influence of low socioeconomic status backgrounds on individual’s uptake of physical activity age eighteen to twenty-four with the help of sports facilitators within Newcastle. Seven Bridges, 7, pp. 35-45.
  • Ahmed Bilal (2019) Theoretical concepts that sport coaches need to demonstrate the coaching process effectively. Seven Bridges, 7, pp. 45 -51.
  • Laura Knight, Charmaine Ho, Chris Clayton & Nicole Scissons (2019) The effects of nutrition/exercise intervention on perceived stress and anxiety in Newcastle College Students. Seven Bridges, 7, pp, 51 -61.
  • James Lawson (2019) 2700 No.1 Press PLC Upgrade. Seven Bridges, 7, pp. 61-71
  • Lisa Robson (2019) Security door access; research of biometric systems for use in a multi-site facility. Seven Bridges, 7, pp. 71-79
  • Daniel Henderson (2019)Paper Machine 2: power transformer non-linear loading and harmonic distortion. Seven Bridges, 7, 79-89.
  • Cameron Hutchinson (2019) Implementing cellular manufacturing to improve product efficiency. Seven Bridges, 7, pp. 89- 95.
  • Jamie Oliver (2019) Automotive material joins: the advantages of methodical joint selection. Seven Bridges, 7, pp. 95-105.
  • James Baker (2019)System change in the workplace: evaluating a failing system and the surround processes and implementing a successful change in the work place. Seven Bridges, 7, pp.105- 115.

Vol.6 (2018)

  • Laura Knight (2018) SCAT3 testing for signs and symptoms of concussion in rugby union players. Seven Bridges, 6, pp.5-15.
  • Ian Johnston (2018) Theoretical concepts of the Coaching Process. Seven Bridges, 6, pp.17-27.
  • Holly Harris (2018) Education’s role in physiological, psychological, and sociological influences on adolescents. Seven Bridges, 6, pp.29-34.
  • Molly Nesbitt (2018) Are adults with profound and multiple learning disabilities disadvantaged due to the lack of recreational resources in the North East of England? Seven Bridges, 6, pp.35-43
  • Cheryl Wright (2018) Dyslexia, its effects on learning and mental health, and the strategies to mitigate those effects. Seven Bridges, 6, pp.45-57.
  • Heather Broadley (2018) Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtualisation. Seven Bridges, 6, pp.59-65.
  • Lewis Stewart (2018) Overcoming Barriers to Secure Network Design. Seven Bridges, 6, pp.67-73.
  • Andrew Turner (2018) Temperature Monitoring in Low-Voltage Switchgear. Seven Bridges, 6, pp.75-81.
  • Steven Johnstone (2018) Design a solution to improve wheelchair efficiency by identifying and reducing the factors that have effect. Seven Bridges, 6, pp.83-88.
  • Robert Renton (2018) Weld Adjustment Assist Programme. Seven Bridges, 6, pp.89-94.
  • Hannah Shepherd (2018) Investigating the Fluid Dynamics of a Louvre to Improve the Efficiency of an Airtrack System. Seven Bridges, 6, pp.95-100.

Students who presented at the British Conference of Undergraduate Research (BCUR) 12-13 April BCUR 2019:

  • Natalie Ellis: Is the system failing children with mental health?: A Frontline perspective.
  • Hannah Hall: An investigation into artists: whether they are more susceptible to mental illness and are drawn to the subject as a form of self-therapy?  
  • Radiyah Uddin: An investigation into the validity assessment criteria and student success.
  • James O’Hara: An Investigation into the impact of Finnish Culture on Estonian educational achievement.  

BCUR 2018:

  • Andressa Accioly – The Communication Power of Social Media Lifestyles
  • Raphael Adeniyi – Motivation and Productivity (Direct Proportionality)
  • Mark Steel – A Study of Consumerism, Attachment and Addiction
  • Molly McClen – Are Adults with Severe to Profound Learning Disabilities Disadvantaged Due to the Lack of Recreational Resources Available Within the North East of England?
  • Shakil Mashud – Different Scouting Opinions in Elite Football UK vs USA
  • Mamuna Ashraf – The Significance of Science Technicians in the Classroom
  • Hannah Stuart – An Investigation into Professional and Amateur Physiotherapists Perceptions of the Current Concussion Guidelines in the English Rugby Union.

Students who presented at Posters in Parliament (PiP) 2020:

  •  Chris Haswell: The effects of radial shockwave therapy on chronic calf muscle strain injuries in runners 

Posters in Parliament 2019:

  • Laura Knight: An analysis of the spinal manipulation treatment versus Pilates exercise, versus a combined approach on flexibility and pain perception of patients with chronic non-specific low back pain.
  • Thomas Manley: Investigating The Positive Effects Electric Car Smart Charging Can Have On The National Grid Frequency Response Within The UK.

Posters in Parliament 2018:

  • Adam Harper- Formability Characteristics of Perforated Steel for Die Forming Processes
  • Hannah Stuart- An Investigation into the Effectiveness of the Current Concussion Guidelines in the English Rugby Union