Student as Producer linked to assessment: for example assignment briefs are written in an open (yet guided) format to allow the student to dictate the focus of their work.

‘Our “live” practical week allows our engineering students at all levels to participate in a realistic vocational scenario that mirrors completely the conditions found within a certified Part 145 maintenance organisation. Our level 6 students act as management and oversee the week with regards to organising shift patterns, controlling shift handovers, planning the order of all maintenance, responding to unplanned events and of course ensuring all quality, COSHH and H&S regulations are met. They deal with attendance, lateness and have the power to deal with fellow students in a disciplinary manner. Our level 5 students act as “licensed” engineers and oversee all maintenance, supervising the level 4 students, completing all paperwork and ensuring work is completed fully. They help the level 4 students with understanding the maintenance manuals and use of all tooling.The level 4 students are led by their level 5 peers and act as the mechanics completing the majority of tasks. This helps develops their hand skills, use of maintenance instructions and gives them an appreciation of the standards required when completing work.’ – Jim King, Programme Leader Foundation Degree Aeronautical Engineering