Fo-Lio is an annual creative review of work by Newcastle College University Centre students. Fo-Lio publishes a selection of work from across Newcastle College University Centre’s School of Creative Industries, showcasing the original creative practices developed by our students. It was created by students, for students, and each year is led entirely by students, carrying on the spirit of the first edition.

‘Here at Newcastle College University Centre we have a range of creative students with many talents. For this year’s edition of Folio, we wanted to give more exposure to our up and coming students and give them the opportunity to be published professionally prior to graduating.

Over the past year, we have collected a range of different students work from all our creative courses and bound them together to create Folio, a magazine for students by students. A project like this requires a lot of time and dedication and we want to thank all our students involved with this year’s Folio for their participation and patience, we hope you are as proud of the finished magazine as we are. We’d also like to thank Zoe Korda for her support and helping us get to the finish line.

We hope you find inspiration and encouragement in this magazine and enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed creating it.’

Chloe Miller and Kieran Wooding, Fo-Lio Editorial Team

Read Fo-Lio 2020 here